[ref dict="Universal (Ch-Ru)"]备忘录[/ref]

Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 备忘录 — bèiwànglù (1) [aide memoire; memo; memoire; memorandum] (2) 非正式的外交信件; 特指政府部门或外交部致大使馆或公使馆的书面声明, 尤其用于例行传达或询问, 无需签署 (3) 备忘或保留准备将来用的非正式的记事录; 帮助或唤起记忆的记录; 日记本里的记事录 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Su Xiaokang — b. 1949 Journalist/cultural critic The son of a Communist Party journalist, Su also turned to journalism as a youth active during the Cultural Revolution, and later was sent to study at the Beijing College of Broadcasting. His report on a flood… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

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